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    FEBRUARY 2018


    sandbox game with opened destroyable world


EVOSPACE is a sci-fi sandbox game with an absosuletly opened destroyable world, modern graphics and realistic physics. In this sandbox game You will explore variative auto-generated world and build plants with factories and also will improove your technologies. Lots of craft objects won't let you to get bored, even if you are the most sophisticated gamer. A lot of dungeons won't leave indifferent you, treasurefinder! And of'course these dungeons may keep an ancient's technologies. Here you can craft anything you want: underground laboratories, mountain fortresses, castles and even flying dreadnaughts. Arrange the battle in the air by atmospheric machinery or set off to plow space expanses!

Development now is at the beginning stage and we need your support!
Water surface in Evospace
Water surface in Evospace
Water surface in Evospace
Water surface in Evospace
Water surface in Evospace
Sand terrain in Evospace
Demo-video of the Evospace, sandbox game
Sand terrain in Evospace
Rocky objects in Evospace
Rocky objects in Evospace


sq. kilometers of journeys


craft items for you


realistic graphics and landscapes


dungeons with technologies

Gameplay features of EVOSPACE the sandbox game

Here you will meet unusual gameplay, which will attract all your attention. Download it right now and today you will learn a lot of interesting!

Opened wide world

The area is more than 50 square kilometers..

Our dynamically variative universe won't let you get bored even for a second. All for the flight of imagination: valleys and deserts, lakes, rivers, rocks and dungeons. Here you can wander around the world, or become a brave explorer of ancient dungeons with mysterious technologies, or you can build your castle and even fly to explore the cosmos.

Unusual sandbox game graphics

A realistic image will not leave you indifferent to this game

It's no secret that now it's difficult to surprise players even with the image in 4K. And our polygonal realistic graphics will easily attract and delight your eye. The world generator will create non-repeatable unique landscapes of deserts, forests, lakes and rivers for you. And it will be impossible to tear off the view from images of that world


More than hundred items that you can create with your own hands!

Always dreamed of making an exclusive dagger with an engraving in the form of a dragon? Or, maybe you wanted to weave a straw hat? Or maybe you are a famous master mechanist and will create a flying battle tank for yourself? These things and much more awaits you in this wonderful game.

The regular development of the open world

You create, and we also create.

EVOSPACE sandbox is a universe where you can realize lots of interesting and entertaining ideas. A lot of things aren't yet opened and much more features remains to be invented. We understand this and develop the project on a way that will be interesting and pleasant for you!

System requirements EVOSPACE

We tried to optimize the game so as many players as possible may enjoy it now.
  • Video memory

    nVidia 240 1Gb or higher
  • CPU

    Intel Core i3 or higher
  • RAM

    4Gb or more
  • Free space

    >4Gb (generated world is big)
  • Soft

    VCRedist 2017
  • Additional Soft

    DirectX 11

It's time to play!

Join yourself and invite your friends!
Page for download is here!

					It's time to play EVOSPACE sandbox game

Developer's notes

Here we publish information according to development of EVOSPACE.
This topic is under construction. Please, wait for a news!

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